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Gaming Laboratories International Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) provides the gaming industry’s leading testing and certification services. And we are so much more than just testing, with an unsurpassed range of services and tools for regulators, suppliers and operators.


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  • GLI has been an incredible partner and one that I would highly recommend working with. We came to them by way of referral, which really speaks to the brand and trust that they have built in this industry. They explained the testing process clearly upfront which really helped get the project deliverables completed by the agreed upon date. We are looking forward to working with this team on future projects!

    —Sahil Patel Co-Founder & CEO at BettorFantasy
  • GLI is an incredible partner to SB22, as we work towards achieving GLI-33 certification for our modern betting platform. From the first day of the engagement, the GLI team was knowledgeable and responsive to our questions. Our compliance team was able to develop a high level of comfort and we selected GLI for their full suite of testing services including Pre-Compliance testing.

    —Vik Shrestha CCO, SB22
  • While the Wyoming Gaming Commissions' successes are mostly attributed to our dedicated staff, we consider GLI an extension of those attributes. We have collaborated with GLI since 2014 when we first offered Historic Horse Racing and developed our policies and procedures. The relationship has continued from that point through today, as we develop the Skill-Based Amusement Game rules and regulations to the successful stand up of Online Sports Wagering in the Cowboy State, meeting our Legislated September 1, 2021 deadline (go live). I have always said “you do not have to be the smartest person in the room just know who is”, in this case, GLI stands shoulders above all others. Thank you for your unbiased and professional approach to all aspects of Gaming.

    —Charles Moore Executive Director, Wyoming Gaming Commission
  • Casino Gaming Development has adopted the idea to be the best in the table games industry. To do this we must surround ourselves with the best talent available. GLI has had the reputation of being in the forefront, professional & leaders in their field. With our game developers, logo and graphics designers to math analytics we have been able to create multiple award winning games. We couldn’t be more proud to work with GLI now and in the future. Thank you.

    —Angel Espino Owner Casino Gaming Development
  • I came to GLI in search of establishing credibility for my casino game. I was met with a team of helpful and knowledgeable resources who answered all of my questions. We were onboarded shortly after our initial call and began working through the functional and RNG portion of our certification. After useful feedback, we only had to make one adjustment before seamlessly being granted our certification. I highly recommend GLI to any developer in the casino gaming industry.

    —Lance Lietzau President & CEO, HotSeat Lotto LLC
  • We didn’t realize test labs service could be so good. We were able to say, ‘Here’s what we need from you,’ and GLI’s response was a simple, ‘We’ll take it from here.’ We’ve had nothing but professionalism with GLI.
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    —Erin Kovnot Director of Compliance, iPro
  • We see GLI as our key colleague and consultant in our North America plan. And when it comes to certifying a game for the regulated market, we don’t want to cut any corners; we want to do things the right and proper way, and we know that with GLI, we are assured of the highest possible quality and compliance solutions. This is especially important as Playjeux operates only in regulated markets, and our games will be offered only to regulated operators and provincial lotteries.
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    —Sovanna Phan CEO & Founder, Playjeux
  • When regulators required us to prove certification to the GLI-19 Standard, the team at GLI helped us develop a plan of action to quickly get tested, certified and online.
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    —Roger D. Nicon President and CEO, ESATPT
  • We are really happy we were able to build a strong relationship with GLI. For Avento, GLI has always shown as being a reliable and responsible partner, meeting all the requirements and our tight deadlines, and being ready to support and clear any problematic points. It has never been a problem getting any gambling regulatory approval, as GLI certificates are widely known and top=ranked by any official institution. We hope to work on new projects in the future and increase our profits with the help of GLI!
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    —Mary Barr Head of Partner Relations, Avento MT
  • We are happy with the support we have received from GLI in trying to optimize and streamline our process with the aim of always improving our time to market.
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    —Steven Spartinos CO-CEO of Virtual Games, Kiron Interactive
  • In online business, working closely with your test partners, and their ability to move quickly in lock step with you, is critical in the business’s ability to innovate, trial, improve and update. For Gamblit, GLI has proven time and time again to be an exemplary partner. We couldn’t be more pleased with their service and responsiveness. Their people and systems allow us to push content and updates at record speed.

    —ERIC MEYERHOFER CEO, Gamblit Gaming
  • The Gaming Division of the PR Tourism Company has contracted GLI’s services for the past 16 years without interruption. As regulators, we have obtained an excellent and professional service that has allowed us to be always ahead with everything related to new technologies, programs and modalities of emerging games. As part of our recent regulatory efforts, we are in the final stages of testing the use of the IRIS Online program in a modality that will allow us to achieve a better measurement of our communications systems and certification of gaming machines in our authorized casinos. Additionally, we are working together with GLI on Legislative projects regarding Online Gaming and Sports Betting, a measure in which we can regulate this activity and achieve growth in the sector. We thank James Maida and all his team for the support and consulting during all these years."

    —Jaime A. Irizarry Delgado Gaming Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company
  • Through GLI, I can make contact with regulators, and I can also get advice from GLI in terms of the best way for my products to enter the respective markets. One thing I appreciate about GLI and the value it offers to umAfrika is accessibility. The length and breadth of knowledge and experience in this company is simply amazing in terms of the different jurisdictions and what the requirements are, and it makes my life easier. I would recommend GLI to any manufacturer or any new entrances to the market place without hesitation. GLI’s mission is to make the compliance managers feel like rock stars, and that’s what GLI does for me." Watch Video

    —Pramodh Munbodh Legal and Compliance Director, Umafrika Gaming Technologies
  • As the Executive Director of the largest problem gambling outpatient center in Nevada, I can't emphasize enough the importance of our industry partners, namely Gaming Laboratories International. The majority of our population is unaware of the fact that problem gambling is a legitimate addiction that lives in the same part of the brain as alcohol and drugs - GLI is working with us to change that. Our partnership with GLI has enabled our center to help thousands of individuals through our intensive outpatient program. We couple group therapy with science and cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients recover from their problem gambling addiction."

    —Stephanie Goodman Executive Director, International Problem Gambling Center
  • We've done a lot of virtual training with GLI, even over the pandemic, and we've leveraged their team to do trainings on iGaming, sports wagering, and betting. They did a presentation on that for us. So again, not only is it that great partnership that we already have with them, that we've been able to leverage, it's all of those educational resources that they bring to us to make us that better, and to make us a much more effective regulator. I would encourage any tribal regulatory agency or even state regulatory agency to leverage the team any way that they can to get those sources and have those relationships. Watch Video

    —Michael A. Hammer Jr. MPH Director of Compliance and Enforcement, Pokégnek Bodéwadmik
Sahil Patel - Co-Founder & CEO at BettorFantasy
Vik Shrestha CCO, SB22
Charles Moore Executive Director, Wyoming Gaming Comission
Angel Espino Owner Casino Gaming Development
Lance Lietzau President & CEO, HotSeat Lotto LLC
Erin Kovnot Director of Compliance, iPro
Sovanna Phan CEO & Founder, Playjeux
Roger D. Nicon President and CEO, ESATPT
Mary Barr Head of Partner Relations, Avento MT
Steven Spartinos CO-CEO of Virtual Games, Kiron Interactive
Eric Meyerhofer CEO, Gamblit Gaming
Jaime A. Irizarry Delgado Gaming Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Pramodh Munbodh Legal and Compliance Director, Umafrika Gaming Technologies
Stephanie Goodman Executive Director, International Problem Gambling Center
Michael A. Hammer Jr.
MPH Director of Compliance and Enforcement, Pokégnek Bodéwadmik


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