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Gaming Laboratories International Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) provides the gaming industry’s leading testing and certification services. And we are so much more than just testing, with an unsurpassed range of services and tools for regulators, suppliers and operators.


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June 13, 2023 - June 15, 2023
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  • We needed a really strong partner who had been in this industry for a long time, had practical experience, and could become our long-term partner. After analysing all the options, we concluded that it was necessary for us to start cooperation with the best testing laboratory in the world, and for us, this is undoubtedly GLI. Probably the most important year in terms of our brand expansion was 2022, when we were able to authorise 17 new markets in one year. From our perspective, this is a world record that is hard to beat. And this world record would not have been real without the professional assistance of GLI. Today, the current number of jurisdictions we operate in has reached 27, and this number will grow in the near future. Read Case Study

    —Džangar Jesenov Compliance Manager for Endorphina
  • GLI's research and blueprint not only saved us valuable time and energy, but also provided us with warm doors to knock on. The clear guidance and pathway for deploying products globally was invaluable. I highly recommend GLI to any company looking to maximize their resources and avoid cold places. Read Case Study

    —Gary Larkin Chief Strategy Officer, Marker Trax
  • We always value compliance with responsible gaming policies and quality standards. All our products have detailed documentation of technical requirements, conformities and compliance. We rely heavily on our proprietary technology and follow an extensive testing protocol to ensure that all games are working according to the proposed mathematical model. We believe in the importance of validating this work with GLI, which follows the highest international quality standards. Read Press Release

    —Paulo Nova CTO and Co-Founder, Caleta
  • GLI has proven how valuable they are during this sustained period of growth. Where we had shortfalls in our knowledge, GLI’s various departments have been able to step in and help us through those exciting but more challenging periods. We’re grateful to the team for the collaboration as we move out of the startup mentality and look to add more expertise as we continue our growth journey. After a year of collaboration with GLI, we are at a point now where we think and approach development differently. We can focus on innovation, knowing we’re supported by GLI’s advanced compliance and pre-testing with the new understanding this relationship has provided. It has given us the confidence to move forward at a faster pace, pre-empt any potential hurdles, deliver smoothly, and work together effectively, saving time and money. What we’ve managed to achieve is impressive and to make that happen, small but ambitious teams sometimes need to rely on additional resources. Read Case Study

    —Alex Lorimer Chief Operating Officer, Gaming Corps
  • When we started shopping around our platform we kept running into the question, “do you have a GLI Certification?” So, early on we knew that GLI Certification was going to be essential in giving our prospective partners confidence that the Sparket platform was robust and ready for action! What we found is that GLI became an end-to-end partner – not just a regulation test lab. With their pre-development consulting, we were able to build it right the first time and streamline certification. Read Case Study

    —Evan Fisher COO, Sparket
Džangar Jesenov - Compliance Manager for Endorphina
Gary Larkin, Chief Strategy Officer, Marker Trax
Paulo Nova, CTO and Co-Founder, Caleta
Alex Lorimer, Chief Operating Officer, Gaming Corps
Evan Fisher, COO, Sparket


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