GLIAccess Tools

GLIAccess® is a web-based, password-protected database which provides suppliers and regulators an exclusive portal into GLI’s certification information. GLIAccess is the world’s most comprehensive online library of testing information and provides past certifications to items currently in test.

The portal can be easily accessed by visiting



GLI Real-Time Tracking

GLIAccess gives users 24/7 access to the lab where they can easily track submission status with real-time tracking and project management. Our clients can easily manage their product submissions and retrieve information about product certifications.

Regulators can use GLIAccess to approve certifications and communicate directly with the lab if they have any questions. Suppliers can quickly generate information that they need most often, including certification information, revocations, non-mandatory upgrades, pending submissions and other items in their submissions queue.


 With the portal recently updated, the database is now available in English, Spanish and Italian!